An unpasteurized or filtered craft beer

Our craft beer is neither pasteurized nor filtered. It must necessarily be raw, the yeasts on the bottom must continue their action. The product remains in this way "alive" and can evolve over time. The taste of the beer is refined and the result is a very characteristic taste.

The sensory sensations are therefore complex and different. The organoleptic and nutritional characteristics are not affected by the absence of pasteurisation.

The materials used in the production process remain unchanged, all beers are therefore natural, without preservatives, stabilizers and antioxidants. The selection of raw materials is careful and meticulous, each stage of production is followed scrupulously.

Each operation (the grinding of the malt, the mashing ...) is done by hand inside the brewery. Producing a batch of beer requires many hours of work, this allows the master brewer to obtain a unique and unrepeatable product. BUTI’S BEER IS REALLY ARTISANAL!

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