The history of the Buti Brewery

The Buti Brewery was opened in 2013. Our craft beer was born from the desire to create a genuine and original product. To obtain this result we carried out a lot of research and an in-depth study of different brewers and brewing plants.

In 2013 we started the construction of the brewery in a small hamlet, Cascine di Buti in the province of Pisa.

In July the first brewing plant was installed for the production of six electrolytes per month. The plant was small, but avant-garde and immediately allowed the production of an excellent craft beer.

The plant was officially inaugurated in November. The first beer produced was called "Palio" in homage to the Palio di Buti, one of the oldest in Italy, dating back to the 17th century. Our first craft beer is still characterized, even today, by a chestnut flavoring. It has a brown colour and an intense taste.


The history of craft beers

Three more beers will then be produced and placed on the market:

  • The Malamut Bionda beer, a Blond Ale inspired by the great Belgian beers;
  • Red Malamut beer, a double malt scotch ale;
  • Finally, Ceres beer, a Weisse style wheat beer.

In 2016 we replaced the small plant with a larger one that guaranteed the production of 20 hectolitres per month.

More recently we created new beers:

  • the Indian Pale Ale
  • the American Pale Ale
  • at Christmas 2017 we produced the Malamut Christmas, a creamy, dark beer with an alcohol content of 8%.

Finally, in 2018 the last craft beer was born, the Malamut Iga, obtained from the classic fermentation with the addition of 10% Sangiovese must.

The intent of the brewery is to enhance the short supply chain by obtaining an exclusive product that brings forward the culture of Italian beer. A product that must enhance the natural qualities of beer with nutritional properties and low ethanol content.

Our beer is healthy and genuine, a product that everyone can taste and enjoy.

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