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Weisse Ceres Beer

Price €4.92
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Aroma: Banana, slightly citric
Foam: white, compact
Colour: straw yellow
Gradation: 5,5%
Bitterness: 3/10 (23)

Hand cream 30 ml

Price €8.11
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(suitable for men and women) extremely delicate, moisturizing and nourishing effect, leaves the skin soft and silky.

Micellar Water 150 ml

Price €18.77
Availability: 999 In Stock

Removes makeup and impurities from the face and eye area. This product removes makeup, cleanses and soothes in a single gesture without having to rinse.

Malamut Blonde Beer

Price €4.10
Availability: 999 In Stock

Foam: compact and persistente
Colour:  golden
Gradation: 5,2%
Bitterness: 3/10 (29)

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