Golden beer Malamut A.P.A.


Aroma: herbaceous, delicate
Foam: compact and persistent
Colour: golden
Gradation: 4,5%
Bitterness: 3/10

Malamut Amber Beer I.P.A.


Aroma: herbaceous, floral
Foam: compact and persistent
Colour: amber
Gradation: 7,5%
Bitterness: 6/10 (55)

Malamut Blonde Beer


Foam: compact and persistente
Colour:  golden
Gradation: 5,2%
Bitterness: 3/10 (29)

Malamut Red Beer


Aroma: smoked, toasted
Foam: dense, compact
Colour: mahogany with ruby rereading
Gradation: 6,5%
Bitterness: 3/10 (32)

Brown beer Palio di Buti


Aroma: intense
Foam: creamy and persistent
Colour: brown
Gradation: 6%
Bitterness: 3/10 (31)

Weisse Ceres Beer


Aroma: Banana, slightly citric
Foam: white, compact
Colour: straw yellow
Gradation: 5,5%
Bitterness: 3/10 (23)

Beer brandy BIERBRAND


Bierbrand is a beer brandy, obtained by a double process in copper stills.